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  • Guaranteed Lowest Price Scam
  • The Private Label Scam
  • Carpet Installation
  • The Truth About Granite & Radon/Radiation
  • What type of cushion should I use under my carpet?
  • My child has asthma, I want carpet but what do I look for?
  • Where can I find allergy free carpet?
  • My carpet is going to be glued down and I’m allergic to odors from the adhesives, what should I do?
  • I can see the seams in my room, I was told they are not supposed to show.
  • What are the Benefits of Laminate?
  • 1- Do you charge for your estimates? 2- Will you provide me with a materials list along with your estimate?
  • Why is your price higher than my other Bids?
  • Care cleaning of natural stone in the home?
  • What should I use to clean my laminate ,hardwood & tile flooring?

Guaranteed Lowest Price Scam

This ploy is used by many of the  retailers who want you to think their price is the lowest. The gimmick is to say that if you can find the same carpet elsewhere at a lower price, "we'll meet or beat that price by 5%". Of course you can't find the "SAME" carpet elsewhere because the giant retailer has it private labeled. Therefore, the only place you will find the same named carpet is at a branch or division of the same chain. Someday retailers are going to learn that consumers are not inane.

The Private Label Scam:

Not really a "scam" but more of a marketing ploy to prevent you the consumer from shopping using the old "apples to apples" comparison technique. Its kind of like buying a mattress, you can find the exact same mattress under 10 different "names" depending on where you shop. In the case of carpet, the most prevalent use of "private labels" is found in the the big box retailers, and large buying group stores like the Carpet One Chain of carpet stores. In this case, Carpet One uses the Bigelow label as if Bigelow made the carpet, when in fact, Carpet One bought the name Bigelow from Mohawk industries, and can use the "Bigelow" label on any carpet they choose. Yes, Bigelow is an old time mill, but they don't make residential carpet any more. Furthermore, Burlington Industries sold the "Lee's" name to carpet one, and thus , like the Bigelow name, we will see carpets with the Lees name on them that are really made by any mill Carpet One selects. Private labeling is now so prolific, that most larger carpet dealers use some sort of private labeling to keep true comparison shopping to a minimum.


If You Don't Know Carpet, Know Your Carpet Dealer

1. There is no such thing as free labor.

(2. There is no such thing as an invisible seam.

3. There is no STAIN PROOF carpet.

4. There are no miracle fibers.

5. There is no such thing as a real 70% off.

6. The life of a carpet depends on your lifestyle.

 7. Installation is everything!


Carpet Installation

The most important day in the life of your new carpet is the day it is installed.The professional carpet installer, or carpet mechanic, is seldom given the respect he deserves. Installing carpet in a residence requires a complex knowledge of people skills, technical ability, craftsmanship, as well as a strong back. If the person who comes to your door looks like kerbo chances are you are not going to get a very good installation.

The most important tool your carpet mechanic will use is the power stretcher! Today's backings do not allow the use of a knee kicker alone. In fact, if your mechanic does not use a power stretcher, your new carpet will develop wrinkles in less than six months. Gone are the good old days of soft flexible jute backings that can be "Knee Kicked" in. Jute is not often available for carpet backings in this country.

The second most important tool your carpet mechanic will use is his brain. The man who is really a craftsman will be able to visualize the correct layout of your carpet, thereby optimizing the use of seams in your new carpet. His expertise will make sure all the material is running the correct direction. If a salesman tells you that a carpet is non directional, run from this person; he is lying to you.

Cut pile carpet should have a cushion that is no thicker than 7/16 of an inch and a firm cushion. Berber carpet and most commercial carpet should have a cushion no thicker than 3/8 of an inch and be a very firm cushion.

Lone star Floors is not aware of any published scientific research demonstrating a link between carpet and asthma or allergies. Look for green label carpets and cushions, plan for good ventilation during the installation process and plan for routine vacuuming .

There is no known allergy-free floorcovering. The Carpet & Rug Institute has the IAQ program testing for chemical emissions. Look on the back of the samples for the CRI label ensuring that the carpet meets our standards for chemical emissions. For Dust and Pollen, carpet should be vacuumed at least twice a week and professionally cleaned approximately every 12 to 18 months according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Request that the adhesive being used has the lowest possible emissions. Ventilation and good air exchange for approximately 48 to 72 hours should alleviate most odors.

No seam is invisible, seams should be kept to a minimum, running the length of the area making sure the natural light does not strike across the seam.

Discover the Benefits of Laminate

Compared with other types of flooring, laminate offers a number of distinct advantages:

-Laminate flooring is durable Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating; laminate is much stronger, scratch-resistant, and longer-lasting than any hardwood, vinyl, or carpet flooring.

-Laminate flooring is easy to install
Not only are laminate sections smaller, designed to interlock, and easier to work with, but laminate can also be installed over most non-textile existing floors. In this “floating floor” method of installation, laminate is laid or “floated” over the existing floor without being glued to the surface. This saves considerable time and installation cost. Additionally, the introduction of glue less laminates further revolutionized ease of installation in the flooring industry. More than two thirds of current laminate flooring is glue less.

-Laminate flooring is economical
Not only is laminate generally less expensive to start with, but when its durability and longevity are considered, compared to other flooring options, it becomes an particularly economical choice.

-Laminate flooring offers a variety of styles
Originally; most laminate floors replicated only the most in-demand wood floors. As laminate grew in popularity however, other looks were introduced, including highly realistic stone and marble. One of the most appealing characteristics of laminate is that designs are limited only by the imaginations of the producers. This has resulted in laminate becoming a medium unto itself, and a variety of rich, innovative product designs that are recognized by the design and decorating communities for their ability to create an atmosphere of sophisticated beauty in addition to long-term durability.

-Laminate flooring is stain, fade, and moisture resistant
Most laminate flooring manufacturers offer extensive warranty protection against stains, fading, and moisture damage. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are subject to wood grain staining, fading in sunlight, and are not appropriate for high-moisture areas.

-Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain
Laminate's wear and moisture-resistant surface coating make spills and other messes easy to deal with.

-Laminate flooring is “green” (environmentally-friendly)
Since it is made from paper, laminate's manufacture does not involve the harvesting of old-growth hardwoods as does that of wood flooring. Unlike some carpet, laminate does not contain significant quantities of some elements that affect indoor air quality. And when a laminate floor is easily replaced, it can be destroyed with no danger to the environment.



  1-No, estimates are free.

 2-No, this usually involves a lot of time and it would not be fair to us. But when  purchase or for a small fee we would be happy to do so. (Fee will be appleid to your purchase).



Because we don’t take installation shortcuts. The other bids are usually not cheaper but are simply giving you less in terms of service or quality. You will end up spending 95 percent of my bid cost and get only 60 % of the quality. Not a very good deal.  




It's always best to check with the flooring manufacturer or dealer for the safest method recommended to maintain your floor looking new for as long as possible

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