Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are the ideal ways to combine possibility and design, adding excessive storage capacity and a touch of style to any home. Our all-around range of vanity cabinets and storage comes in a collection of designs and shapes, making it easy to find your dream bathroom vanity cabinets storage solution.

Vanity Cabinets Size & Style

A vanity cabinet is an excellent choice for storage and grooming and can add a glance of space to even the smallest of bathrooms. Lone Star Floors have a varied selection of different sizes and styles to hold your essentials. We have a wide range of bathroom cabinet sizes and styles for our customers to give an amazing touch to their buildings.

Bathroom Vanity Storage

A vanity unit is of essential importance, just like a shower and a toilet in your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets storage place allows you to safely keep your toiletries in one place. Drawers can be used for storing cosmetics and medicines.

The bathroom vanity with storage always has an edge over other simple and classic big-size cabinets. We believe in modern design and customer requirements. Customers are usually suppliers and dealers looking for something unique, so they can add an adhesive touch to their apartments and restrooms with our Bathroom vanity with storage Products.

Bathroom Vanity Design

Lone Star Floors is the best store in the Texas market, specializing in wholesale bathroom vanity cabinet distribution. Our Motive is to Deal in all the best and unique Bathroom Vanity Designs to our supplier and dealer. Quality is our Main Goal.

Bathroom Vanities in Texas

We like to fulfill the needs of our customers, being aware that the first step towards meeting them expects to be clear on what they need. Quality does not come by chance, preferably as a result of observation, work, and careful attention to detail. Lone Star Floors presents you as a seller point on at Bathroom vanities.


Bathroom Vanities Gallery

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At Lone Star Floors we believe an educated consumer is our best customer.

  • Coloring the entire room in a gaping opulent color – including the ceiling.
  • Coloring the wall behind the vanity in a high-shine valiant shade.
  • Add on colorful tones like towels and art in bright tones.
  • Frames and Mirrors

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