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Among materials used for flooring, the most stylish and luxurious is the natural stone. The natural stone contains various kinds of minerals, which is contrasted against the artificial products, may prove to be original and unique. Some of the very common natural stones used for flooring are slate, limestone, marble, travertine, sandstone, and granite. Each of the stones undergoes different qualities that bring out uniqueness. Choosing the perfect stone is tough, as each stone has its unique features. Lone Star Floors helps in choosing the right stone as it depends on moisture absorption, grading, friction, and many more. Proper research must be done before choosing the stone.�

some popular choices


Marble is an excellent choice if you wish for an aura of both richness and antiquity. Marble is strong and it comes in a wide range of designs and colors. While pure white marble gives a spotless appeal, the darker shades are beautiful too.

Marble is heavy and the larger sheets tend to be rather fragile.


Granite is a hard-edged stone with a beautiful natural grain. Its toughness makes it great for both indoor and outdoor use.


Slate is an attractive permeable stone. It is easy to cut and make into sheets. largely obtainable in gold, grey and black, slate works well in both dry and wet areas of the house.


This is an extensively general stone in India with a large imbalance in color and grain. Highly durable and warm, it lends the room a typical natural look with its rocky feature.


Limestone is naturally permeable and soft. It may be sanded for a polished look or machine-tumbled for a rough look. It is easy to clean and maintain.


The matte form of travertine is widely applied outdoors on pool surrounds, pawings, and walkways. These floors are highly porous and do not heat up easily. Commonly available in gold, ivory, and cream colors, travertine can be honed to be used in modern decors.

The natural stones give a feeling of the natural world and bring about a perception of the never-ending. Using natural stones is an eco-friendly approach as it is non-polluting. Lone Star Floors has quality natural stone installation service and remodeling services. So call Lone Star Floors for any kind of help.


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