Our selection of vinyl sheet flooring offers the perfect combination of beauty, maintenance, and durability. With hundreds of unique colors and patterns, you are sure to find the perfect look to coordinate with your decor.

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Sheet Flooring

As the leader in vinyl flooring, Mannington has put together a guide that details everything you need to know about vinyl sheet flooring.

What is Vinyl Sheet? The vinyl sheet comes in a single that is 6-12 feet wide. This limits the number of seams seen after install. It is completely impermeable to and is similar to linoleum. The vinyl sheet can be made to look just like wood, stone, and slate, or take on their unique patterns.

Mannington offers two types of Vinyl Sheet:

Luxury Vinyl Sheet. Luxury vinyl sheets also referred to as LVS, provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates. Each pattern is enhanced with Mannington�s new, exclusive NatureForm� 4G technology for colors that are incredibly crisp and rich; and each is available in your choice of three performance levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver and all are made in the U.S.

Resilient Flooring. Resilient flooring, also known as ‘vinyl’ or �felt-backed vinyl�, has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular types of flooring around. It’s made using a printing process known as ‘rotogravure’, which prints a pattern on the flooring substrate via an engraved cylinder. Mannington resilient flooring uses ultra-low VOC,�-based inks and we make all of our vinyl products right here in the U.S.

Installing Vinyl Sheet

Vinyl sheet installation methods simplify the process and let installers match the installation technique to the job site conditions. Jobsite conditions to consider are:

v Temperature
v Structure
v Type of subfloor
v Moisture levels
v Existing floor coverings

The vinyl sheet can be installed using methods like a permanent bond, releasable bond, or loose lay. We recommend having vinyl sheet floors professionally installed but if you plan to install the flooring yourself, be sure to seek luxury vinyl sheet or resilient installation instructions from the flooring manufacturer.

Discover which luxury vinyl sheet or resilient floor is right for you and visit a local Mannington retailer today.



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